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Tone in Writing - A Simple Guide for Authors

Tone in Writing: A Simple Guide for Authors

September 10, 2019

Guest blog by Tami Nantz If you’re confused about the difference between “voice” and “tone” in writing, you aren’t alone. Many writers conflate the two.  Whether you’re writing a novel, a blog post, an article, or a poem, it’s important to know the difference so… [Continue reading below]

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Characters Emotions

Masterfully Showing Emotion in Your Characters

August 13, 2019

Guest post by C.S. Lakin Effectively rendering emotion is challenging, but it’s a necessary skill if you’re a fiction writer. Readers want to be moved and never forget what reaches their hearts. If we writers don’t carefully, masterfully evoke emotion, we fail as storytellers. There… [Continue reading below]

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How to Find Your Voice in Writing

Voice in Writing: How to Find Yours

July 28, 2019

Based on what I hear wherever I speak, it’s clear that beginning writers agonize as much over find their writing voice as over any other issue.  Trust me, while it’s crucial you find your unique writing voice, it really isn’t all that complicated.  You wouldn’t… [Continue reading below]

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How To Launch A Writing Career

June 5, 2019

So, you want to become a full-time writer… You have your reasons. You’ve long loved to write, and people have told you you have a way with words. But how do you know the time is right or whether you have what it takes? I… [Continue reading below]

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Setting Goals to Finish Writing Your Book

Setting Goals to Finish Writing Your Book

May 13, 2019

Guest Post by Brian Tracy Over the course of writing more than 70 books, I have found two things essential to turning my ideas into published books. The first is following a proven system to plan, write, edit, and publish my manuscripts. The second is… [Continue reading below]

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