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Book Rejections: 3 Ways To Go From Rejection To Success

December 28, 2023

A guest blog by Sarah Rexford   Book rejections are more than a dreaded aspect of traditional publishing. For many authors, they are part of the process. Have you ever wondered how many books are rejected each year?  Neil Gordon, formerly an acquisitions editor for Penguin Random House, reveals that publishers reject over 99% of […]

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273 Strong Verbs That’ll Spice Up Your Writing

November 17, 2023

Do you ever wonder why a grammatically correct sentence you’ve written just lies there like a dead fish? I sure have. Your sentence might even be full of those adjectives and adverbs your teachers and loved ones so admired in your writing when you were a kid. But still the sentence doesn’t work. Something simple […]

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Crafting Realistic Characters: A Deep-Dive into Character Flaws

November 6, 2023

Timeless, beloved fictional characters have flaws that make them accessible and believable. Even superheroes. And while a lead character’s flaw or weakness might be major, it doesn’t have to be. It could be a simple lack of patience or an annoying sense of self-importance. Indiana Jones had a major aversion to snakes. In short, you […]

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Writing Motivation: How to Win the Marathon of the Middle of Your Novel

October 20, 2023

You’ve written your first few chapters, and you even have your killer ending planned. Then you hit the middle of your book manuscript, and all of a sudden it’s as if you’re running in sand. Most who fail at finishing their books tell me they lost their writing motivation somewhere in what I like to […]

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Avoiding Common Writing Mistakes

September 29, 2023

The most common writing mistakes are often the easiest to overlook. If you’ve never formally studied English composition or literature, or if it flew over your head (as much of it did for me), you could be unaware of many writing rules and conventions. The occasional typo can be easily fixed by your editor or […]

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