The Writing Craft

Writer with notebook in hand, looking off pensively

How to Find Inspiration To Keep Writing Your Novel

January 5, 2024

Writing a novel can be thrilling. You may picture an author as a wizard, magically writing page after page as if overwhelmed with inspiration. Therein lies a myth. Novelists especially must be inspired to write from their passions. Rarely is the writing itself magical, and it’s hardly EVER easy. The fact is, writing done well […]

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Story Themes

How to Develop the Theme of Your Story

January 2, 2024

Without a deeper meaning than just its plot, your story remains a shell of what it could be. A story with a theme answers, what does this mean? That’s the kind of a story that resonates with readers and stays with them. Think of it this way: a book should be more than simply about […]

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book rejections - woman typing on laptop

Book Rejections: 3 Ways To Go From Rejection To Success

December 28, 2023

A guest blog by Sarah Rexford   Book rejections are more than a dreaded aspect of traditional publishing. For many authors, they are part of the process. Have you ever wondered how many books are rejected each year?  Neil Gordon, formerly an acquisitions editor for Penguin Random House, reveals that publishers reject over 99% of […]

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Crafting Realistic Characters: A Deep-Dive into Character Flaws

November 6, 2023

Timeless, beloved fictional characters have flaws that make them accessible and believable. Even superheroes. And while a lead character’s flaw or weakness might be major, it doesn’t have to be. It could be a simple lack of patience or an annoying sense of self-importance. Indiana Jones had a major aversion to snakes. In short, you […]

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Writing Motivation: How to Win the Marathon of the Middle of Your Novel

October 20, 2023

You’ve written your first few chapters, and you even have your killer ending planned. Then you hit the middle of your book manuscript, and all of a sudden it’s as if you’re running in sand. Most who fail at finishing their books tell me they lost their writing motivation somewhere in what I like to […]

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