Editors’ Wish List When Working with Nonfiction Writers

Editors’ Wish List When Working with Nonfiction Writers

December 28, 2017

What follows is common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many novice writers skip too many of the suggestions on this list. You can get a leg up on the competition by following these to a T. And if you’re primarily a fiction writer, you’ll find much of this advice applies to short stories […]

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How to create your own author website

How to Create Your Own Author Website in the Next Hour…And Why You Need To

July 4, 2017

  If you’re an author, published yet or not, you need your own website. Period. Why am I so forthright about this? Because of the realities of publishing today. You’ve heard and read of your need for a platform—a following, a tribe, visibility. Well, that all starts with your own author website. Regardless what you […]

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10 Tips for Pitching Your Writing

June 21, 2017

Literary agents and publishers reject more manuscripts today than ever before—well more than 90%. Though they want your submissions—they really do—and are sincerely hoping they’ll discover the next successful writer, the sheer volume of submissions causes many to not even respond unless their answer is Yes. Check the Submission Guidelines of many agents and publishers […]

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How to get your writing noticed by a publisher

How to Get Your Writing Noticed by a Publisher

January 10, 2017

The odds make it seem impossible. Everyone tells you it’s hopeless. Secretly, you fear they’re right. “Getting your writing noticed by a publisher is a pipe dream,” they say. But still, you spend countless hours at the keyboard, carefully crafting your powerful story, ferociously self-editing your work. Because in your heart, you know you were […]

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Self-publishing might lead to a dead end

Warning: Before You Self-Publish

July 26, 2016

Why pay to be printed when you could get paid to be published? If you’re shopping your book to publishers who require you to pay for any portion of the process, you’re self-publishing. A company can call itself whatever it wants—hybrid, subsidy, cooperative, indie. But if you pay one dime for any of their services […]

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