Literary Devices for Writers

Literary Devices for Writers

Your job is to create a story readers get lost in from the get-go.

Various literary elements—like metaphor, irony, or backstory can help readers better understand, feel, or see something.

There are many more, but how do you best use them?


If they’re too obvious, they distract your readers.

And if they’re clichéd, they defeat their own purposes. 

My team and I have compiled a list of Literary Devices you can use. Do so sparingly and with care.

List of Literary Devices

How to Best Use Literary Techniques

Resist the urge to employ a literary device to make your writing look more sophisticated.

Forced literary devices:

  • Muddle your story
  • Complicate your creative process
  • Frustrate your reader

Literary devices are like seasoning. They’re not the main course, but they can enhance the reading experience.