Creating character empathy

10 Ways To Create Immediate Character Empathy

August 23, 2016

Need fast, practical help getting readers to care about your main character? Enjoy this blog by my friend and colleague, an award-winning, bestselling novelist. JJ Guest post by Brandilyn Collins Regardless of genre, novelists must create empathy for protagonists at their first appearance. Mere action isn’t… [Continue reading below]

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What makes a great villain?

What Makes a Great Villain? Your Checklist for Writing a Good Bad Guy

April 20, 2016

Nothing makes your hero more heroic than a worthy opponent. So don’t shortchange your villain. Spend every bit as much time crafting him as you do your lead character, if you want your story to work. (Though I will use male pronouns throughout, this applies… [Continue reading below]

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How to End a Story

How to End a Story: 3 Secrets to Writing a Captivating Ending

March 1, 2016

Novel ideas are a dime a dozen. Ask any agent, publisher, editor, or movie producer. It’s true. Everybody’s got one, maybe more than one. Even you, am I right? Of my nearly 190 published books, more than two-thirds have been novels that started as ideas, so… [Continue reading below]

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