What makes a great villain?

What Makes a Great Villain? Your Checklist for Writing a Good Bad Guy

April 20, 2016

Nothing makes your hero more heroic than a worthy opponent. So don’t shortchange your villain. Spend every bit as much time crafting him as you do your lead character, if you want your story to work. (Though I will use male pronouns throughout, this applies… [Continue reading below]

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How to End a Story

How to End a Story: 3 Secrets to Writing a Captivating Ending

March 1, 2016

Novel ideas are a dime a dozen. Ask any agent, publisher, editor, or movie producer. It’s true. Everybody’s got one, maybe more than one. Even you, am I right? Of my nearly 190 published books, more than two-thirds have been novels that started as ideas, so… [Continue reading below]

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