Plot Development

Writing Relationship Conflict: Prolonging the Agony

September 7, 2022

Guest post by Becca Puglisi When it comes to story conflict, there are so many options to choose from. Power struggles, physical threats, moral dilemmas, failures, ticking clocks — they’re all great for ratcheting up tension, building reader empathy, and strengthening our plotlines. But the conflict we face most often as human beings — the […]

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inciting incident

Your Novel’s All-Important Inciting Incident: Definition, Examples, and Tips

May 3, 2022

A successful novel must feature an event, known as the inciting incident, that irreversibly ignites the story. The stronger your inciting incident, the more dramatic, compelling, and engrossing your novel. A weak or nonexistent inciting incident means no reason for your main character to become heroic, or for readers to keep turning pages. What is […]

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plot twists readers won't see coming

How to Write Plot Twists: Your Complete Guide

February 8, 2022

Mastering how to write plot twists involves more than just throwing a monkey wrench into your story. A well-written plot twist must be subtle. You’ll need to learn: How to set up a plot twist Where to insert one How to use it to drive the main plot Mistakes to avoid What is a Plot […]

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