What if I have an existing website, but I want to transfer my information to my new author website?

If your current website is on WordPress, you can find directions to transfer its contents to a Bluehost site here.

If your tech skills are limited, you can pay Bluehost to migrate your site. First, you'll need to create a Bluehost account following the instructions in the guide and then purchase the site transfer service from Bluehost.

If your current website is not using Bluehost, and you want to transfer the information yourself, Bluehost recommends the following articles:

What if I want to transfer my WordPress blog to my new author website?

Once you have your new author website set up, you can import your blog  following these instructions.

How much will it cost to set up my author website?

This will vary depending on whether Bluehost is offering a deal (they usually are). The “Creating your account” section of their guide will specify the total price of setting up your site before you provide payment information.

Currently, their highest price ($8.99/month for 12 months) would cost you  $107.88 for the first year, but the price is generally much lower.

What does a good author website look like?

Naturally, that’s a matter of personal taste, but here are a few that I consider professional-looking:

How do I change the appearance of my website?

By changing your theme. Two articles that contain plenty from which to choose.

Theme tips:

  • Choose simple over complicated
  • Favor less text over more
  • Use only high-quality pictures

How do I change my theme?

See Section 4 of the “How to Create Your Own Author Website…” post.

How much of my writing should I share on my author website?

The goal of posting your work is to create a teaser that makes readers want more.

Perhaps share an early portion of your book and end on a cliffhanger. Then link to a site where visitors can buy the book.

Should I share unpublished work on my website?

That’s up to you, but I don’t do it. I make public only my very best work, and what has been published has been vetted by the professionals who bought it, and it carries their imprimatur on the spine.

Also note that some writing contests consider writing posted on your blog as “published,” which violates their entry rules.

How do I describe my writing?

Reveal your favorite genre. Mention your common themes. Include your favorite subjects to write about. Tell what makes your writing unique.


I write speculative fiction set in the future, based on present-day themes readers resonate with.

My nonfiction how-to books make easy all those household tasks you wish you could master: plumbing, electrical, automotive...

Should I start a blog on my website?

Absolutely. Consistently blogging can help build an audience who appreciates your work and enjoys engaging with you — that all-important Platform publishers look for.

A blog also lends freshness to your site, and — if focused — helps establish your credibility as a writer and an expert in your area of interest.